How The Badger Was Born!

The Frosty Badger is led by its founder, Lee Newman and his wife Lisa, and his partner in crime, Darren Reynolds.  Lee brought his vision into being when he transformed this forgotten gem of a building into the amazing hub for creativity that exists now. The process has taken three years thus far, with plans to expand on the offerings that the Frosty Badger currently has. In 2021, He brought in Darren, long-time friend,  and audio engineer, to help bring the music venue and recording studio to life. Together, along with Lee’s wife Lisa, friend and craftsman Royce Stearns, and a crew of generous and capable souls, the team has created something truly special in the Treasure Valley.

The Facility features over 9000 square feet of space dedicated to many purposes, including a wedding venue and events venue, professional recording studio, art studio, art gallery, and workshop.  There are multiple outdoor spaces, including a quaint open-air courtyard, and a covered patio area at the rear of the events area. In addition to that there is a full kitchen, generous lobby, and some areas still taking shape.  

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So... Tell me about the name!

So how did The Frosty Badger get it’s name you ask?

Here’s what owner Lee Newman has to say: “Well, it’s like this; When Lisa and I were first married we lived on the Oregon Coast and we loved to go for hikes in the forest. Since I was from Eastern Oregon and considered myself an outdoorsman of sorts I was happy to point out all the Badger holes as we walked along. (We never saw any Badgers though.) Soon Lisa began to question my knowledge and might have asked with a hint of sarcasm as to whether or not this mouse sized hole here was a Badger hole? OK – we now know that NO Badgers live on the Oregon Coast. For Lisa, being from Michigan, she would wake many mornings and while sipping a cup of coffee in her robe – look out the window to a world covered in ocean mist and exclaim, “I think it frosted last night!” Of course, it RARELY frosts that close to the ocean and so in friendly banter we landed on ‘The Frosty Badger’ and figured it would be a great name for an British Pub! With no British Pub in our future, this project, in the truest sense of a pub as a local gathering place, became what it could ONLY become… The Frosty Badger. Now you know.”

How Can I Visit The Frosty Badger?

For those of you not close to Ontario, it is a short drive from Boise, great for a night out for a concert or a weekend bazaar often held at the venue. You can schedule a tour of the space to see everything the Frosty Badger has to offer and plan your next incredible creative endeavor!

Please contact us today to book your visit!